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RHCP Fan Art

Heyyyy I’m a huge RHCP fan and I just did this drawing of them, I’d love if you checked it out!! 

Nice work!

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videotaape said: Hey! I can see you're a big RHCP fan. I'm following your blog - it's cool. So i didn't know who to ask for help but i'm trying to find a video of RHCP (i'm sure it's something of BSSM or Mother's milk era) where Flea says something like "it's a challenge to play with John" after a long outro... So if you know what the video was it i would be greatful! Thank you in advance! sorry for my english =) 

Does anyone know about this? I don’t know off the top of my head but if anyone else does let us know!  

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RHCP & Foo Fighters
We need more blog members!

HEY YALL. This blog needs more members to post stuff to it. If you want to, just send us your email address and we can invite you. Let us know why you love the band and I’ll pick 3-5 more people to post content. 

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